Monday, 6 October 2014

10 quick law of attraction policies to get re-elected again and again

We are what we think and we get the policies we want: so rather than put the policies in the negative (don't wage war), put policies into the positive (seek peace). Here's a tentative list for politicians from The Economics Circle ( on creating a healthy abundancy in the economy:

1 Embrace wealth creation
2 Embrace the potential that lies dormant in the poorer members of society
3 Cultivate the investment and entrepreneurial skills of the middle classes
4 Attract investors, entrepreneurs, and the mega rich to share their wealth, ideas, and motivation
5 Explain how the basic laws of society provide the framework in which we all can flourish
6 Celebrate profits
7 Celebrate freedom and innovation
8 Celebrate international cultural and political differences and embrace peace and freedom as a principle
9 Increase people's disposable incomes to help investment and savings flourish
10 Promote sound monetary policies, 100% fractional reserve banking, and gold as money.

Simple really.

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